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My Little Fish TankMultimedia Installation, 2016

"My Little Fish Tank"

 Installation documentation

I bought a fish and a fish tank,

believing it would benefit both of us.

I cherished my little fish tank,

regularly stuffing new living organisms and decorative artifacts.

I glorified it,

taking pictures and videos.

The more I did for it, the more it bounded me.

Questions arose:

Are fish and I really in a mutual relationship?

Or is this another way of displaying power dynamics in surveillance?

Which is controlling and affecting whom?

Manifesting ontological dualities of a fish tank, My Little Fish Tank brings tensions between

beauty and repulse, care and violence, familiar and unfamiliar, liberation and imprison, and push and pull. 

Who is watching whom?

Who is in control? Which world is being trapped?

Are we all eventually being watched, possessed, and bound

as much as we watch, possess, and trap something/someone?

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