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How Fast We Are is a video installation allowing people to slow down and look around. It may seem cliché, but too much of our lives are on our phones connecting us with the overload of information, a lot of which is about politics. We are always hurrying towards a goal, with a plan, hastily making objectives and leaving yesterday, the last hour, the last minute, the last second in the dust. With this excess of information, we seem to forget that we are a small part of the whole universe and that in comparison nature, who is our forefather, has always taken time to evolve so very slowly.

As Washington University in St. Louis prepared to host the 2016 second Presidential Debate on campus, this piece was created as a  reminder to the student body, faculty, spectators, and the media to recollect that history has always evolved slowly, nature has always evolved slowly, and to not let this emotionally and politically charged period  be overrun by impulses but to look at the events through a bigger lens. 

This piece was created in collaboration with Caroline Yoo. To check out more of her work, please visit the link below.

 ©by Seong Yoon Hong. All Rights Reserved.

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