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Cowboy Life Simulator

In the 19th century in the Wild West, you are a poor farmer wanting something more from life: you want an adventure. Sit on a horse and become a Cowboy, unfortunately it won't be that easy because many dangers await on that path and you are no hero yet.

Cowboy Life Simulator

If life gets too lonely, players can visit the local town. Plenty of people will be visiting as well to learn more about any trouble that may be coming. Cowboys can spend their nights gambling and fighting in taverns.

You are a cowboy living in the 19th century American West. Tired of the same old life just managing your family's farm, you long for something new in life, but you're no hero yet. First you must prove yourself a hero of the town, but it is very easy to die or starve in this town. You must manage your resources properly to build new buildings, manage your own farm, and avoid outlaws as well as raising cattle and selling them when the time is right. It's your hope that your heroism will get the town to accept you as a full-time cowboy.

  • Provides examples of: Born in the Saddle: Obviously with your character being a cowboy, they are tied very closely to their horse.

  • Minigame: The player learns very early in the game to shoot at outlaws by being trained on shooting soda cans. When confronted by an actual outlaw the minigame shifts to a combination of a Quick Draw game with proper aiming to fire. In addition, the Saloon in town has a few card games that can be played.

  • Wide-Open Sandbox: The game's world is rather decently sized and you can travel it freely.

  • Wild West: The game takes place in early 19th century Western America.

Start a new life in the enchanting town of Portia! Restore your Pa's neglected workshop to its former glory by fulfilling commissions, growing crops, raising animals, and befriending the quirky inhabitants of this charming post-apocalyptic land!

Set out to discover and record plants and creatures for the Violet Archive. Grow crops, tame animals, and build the perfect farm! Forge friendships along the way as you begin your life as a researcher!

JUNKPUNK is a factory management, base building, exploration game where a New World Robotics ship has crash landed. You and any survivors must restore this ruined planet and prepare it for habitable life. Craft, build, explore, discover, and grow to terraform the planet.

The world is in chaos! Humans have ruthlessly sucked the life out of Earth. We face horrible consequences - disease, famine, death. As an unorthodox scientist, go through training and then embark on the daunting mission of finding out if a newly discovered planet can be made habitable.

You awake on the beach of a haunted island, hungry and alone. Farm, fish, hunt, gather, build and defend in this unique combination of farming, survival, tower defense, and role-playing games. Help rebuild the town of Moonhaven. Build a home and life for yourself.

The Ranchers is an open world country-life sim for 1-4 players. Raise animals, grow crops, craft machines, build your dream house and explore the gigantic open world where mines and dangerous monsters abound. Earn the villagers' respect and esteem. And who knows, maybe find love and start a family.

Inspired by RimWorld and The Sims, Catizens is a colony management simulation game where you watch over unique cats with quirky personalities, as you help them build and grow their settlement while exploring new lands, facing off against wildlife and overcoming the challenges of each environment.

Odd Woods is a survival crafting game in a forest environment. Build your base during the day to withstand the attacks of horror creatures at night. Explore, farm and hunt wildlife to survive another day.

As you manage your family's farm, you can choose to become a lone cowboy leading a hard life or an adventurer who wants to change his destiny. To do this you will be able to hunt and catch wild horses, a mechanic that is directly reminiscent of Red Dead Redemption and its prequels but goes further: you will need to have young and healthy horses and you will not get them for free, there will always be something to give in return.

The Wild West is now calling you in the latest cowboy simulator. For players who are planning to become the best cowboy in town, here is the Cowboy Life Simulator controls to help you get started. You can change the following default Cowboy Life Simulator keybindings in the settings section of the game.

An action game with survival elements, which allows us to play the role of a cowboy. In the Cowboy Life Simulator we find ourselves in the 19th century Wild West, where we immune ourselves to a variety of activities to get the money needed to support our family farm.

Cowboy Life Simulator is an action game enriched with survival elements, which allows us to taste cowboy life. The game was developed by an independent Polish studio RockGame and released by PlayWay, a specialist in the simulator genre.

Cowboy Life Simulator takes us on a journey to the 19th century Wild West. The main hero of the game is a poor farmer, who one day decides to give up his life to finally experience incredible adventures as a cowboy.

In Cowboy Life Simulator the action is observed from the first person perspective (FPP). The life of a cowboy is not easy, so as we travel through the vast and diverse world we have to face a variety of problems. We can defend ourselves against bandits or wild animals, for whom we are a greedy bite in the wilderness with firearms (led by a revolver and a shotgun), while coping with hunger requires us to get food. Besides, it is our responsibility to take care of the family farm, for which we need a lot of cash. We earn money in various ways; we can, among other things, grab wild horses and sell them, breed and cattle drive, trade with Native Americans or try our hand at gold mining. With the funds obtained in this way we buy raw materials used to produce useful equipment and expand our farm. The money saved can be spent on playing in the saloons - after all, after a hard day's work, we deserve a glass (or bottle) of something stronger and a bit of gambling fun.

Cowboy Life Simulator boasts a decent quality of graphic design; the attention is especially drawn to the picturesque outdoors. You may also like the soundtrack building the atmosphere of a great cowboy adventure.

The events of Wild West Dynasty take place in the Wild West, where players must found, develop and protect their own settlement. The project combines an open world, a sandbox, survival elements, RPG and a city building simulator.

portal insider gaming noted that the recent update to Windows 11 version 21H2 turned out to be a headache for users of the cowboy action featuring the open world Red Dead Redemption 2 from Rockstar Games. Image Source: Steam (MIYKU) After installing...

While there are plenty of yearly simulator game titles that fans eagerly await, there are hundreds of oddities that can go under the radar. Amongst these, few manage to rise to significant notoriety across the world of gaming, usually thanks to some help from popular streamers. No matter how strange, there are tons of simulator games every gamer should try at least once.

There are many gamers who seek out simulator games purely to find the strangest games that smaller dev teams have made. One of the strangest and incredibly fun games that have graced the world of simulator games is Deeeer Simulator.

One of the games that are credited with the boom of the simulator game genre is Surgeon Simulator. While the game has an equally fun sequel, the original seemed to be what caught most people's eye.

Next up, we have Cowboy Life Simulator. Ever dreamt of living in the 19th American West? This simulator lets players become a cowboy and live a simple life, while facing the usual cowboy-related dangers.

This game combines the classic simulator genre with survival games; you will need to make and repair buildings, while taking care of your cattle and farming. Cowboy Life Simulator allows you to see the less glamorous aspects of being a cowboy.

PC Building Simulator is exactly what it sounds like. In this game, you take control of a computer repair company, repairing and fixing PCs. PC Building Simulator utilizes real computer components, allowing you to learn how to build in real life. The game has partnered with real PC part manufacturers, which means that you can buy pretty much everything that is in the game.

Notes: Becoming addicted to the substance is a random chance, but getting so is important to get the badge. Do not get addictions going to parties or clubbing, or you will get the "Rowdy" ribbon instead. If you go clubbing less than 10 times in your life, you will not get "Rowdy".

Notes: Make sure not to spend too much time in Jail and hire good lawyers when you can, due to certain crimes like drug possession and supplying alcohol to minors. High net worth is recommended for hiring lawyers and buying houses for partying. It is possible to get the ribbon in just one year of adult life if you try enough. There is a chance your character may get an alcohol or drug addiction but it is not required that they do so to earn the ribbon. On iOS version, the character might also get the Stupid Ribbon from just one overdose when trying drugs. 041b061a72


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