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Peter Gavrilov
Peter Gavrilov

The Ouija Exorcism

In 1985, an exorcist trapped a demon inside a ouija board. His son played it and let the demon loose. In order to save his son, the exorcist sent him far away until the demon could be destroyed. 30 years later, his grandson finds the board and played it. Now the evil is back.

The Ouija Exorcism

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"The prayers of the exorcism were continued and R was seized violently so he began to struggle with his pillow and the bed clothing. The arms, legs, and head of R had to be held by three men. The contortions revealed physical strength beyond natural power. R spit at the faces of those who held him and at those who prayed over him. He spit at the relics and at the priests' hands. He writhed under the sprinkling of Holy Water. He fought and screamed in a diabolical, high-pitched voice."

On Easter Monday, April 18, 1949, Robbie awoke in a fit at the Alexian Brothers Hospital. Bowdern continued the rite of exorcism, placing holy items in the boy's hands and around his neck. According to Bishop's diary, the exorcist then demanded to know the name of the demon possessing Robbie. The Jesuit demanded the demon leave the boy in peace.

Tilbage i 1985 lykkes det en exorcist at indespærre en dæmon i et ouija-brætspil. 30 år senere falder brætspillet i hænderne på hans barnebarn, der ved et uheld kommer til at slippe den hævngerrige dæmon løs igen.

Father François-Marie Dermine, promoter of an annual international course on exorcism in Rome, discusses his recent popular work about the devil, offering keys to discernment on this controversial and sensitive topic.

The East Texas man convicted of killing a 13-month-old in a brutally botched exorcism was granted a last-minute stay Monday over concerns about the bite mark evidence used to convict him and the possibility that he might be too intellectually disabled to execute.

"My daughter, I just found her dead," he said at the time. But Carson later admitted to the Texas Rangers that her daughter had died during the ill-fated exorcism. And, while he was in jail, Milam called for a sergeant so he could confess as well.

Once I had become a psychiatrist and was concerned with psychological and spiritual illnesses,I was asked, with the agreement of the bishop to assist a priest-exorcist in his ministry, which was becoming moreand more important. The exorcist was on his own in attending to the numerous requests and could rarely speak aboutit to his brother-priests, who for the most part were afraid of this ministry.Before telling you of my experience I should like to make certain remarks:1. It is important that the priest-exorcist should not be alone in exercising this ministry, which must be combinedwith a great ability to listen and to discern. The help of a psychiatrist is valuable both to elucidate the difficultcases which are part psychological and part spiritual, so that prayer may subsequently be better directed, andalso to be able to assess th ministry of the priest-exorcist, who often finds himse very isolated.2. It is also important in exercising this ministry to be supported by praying communities and intercessors.3. If it proves necessary to enlarge the team helping the priest-exorcist, for example if there are many demandson him, for the sake of discretion the team should never be too large. Every member of the team should have a certainexperience of listening to people; should be trained in the discernment of spirits; should have a regular and deep-rootedprayer life; be well balanced psychologically and know that Christ has triumphed over all the forces of darkness(Luke 10 17-19; James 4:7;Revelations 12: 10-12).4. What is fundamental for me as a psychiatrist is that every human being is made up of a physical, psychological,and a spiritual part, as Paul says in th first letter to the Thessalonians (5:23). If one of these parts is not developed the person is unbalanced.Now the good news that Jesus came to bring us is that every person of good will is offered the possibility of liberationand of salvation (and in the etymology of the word salvation there is the word 'health'). Every human being has the possibility, in accepting Jesus as Saviour, of allowing himself or herselfto be re-created, to have a change of heart, to have life in abundance, and to find the path to eternal happiness.Who could ever suggest a better future? But this is where the tempter, the father of lies, can make us believethat by going through him we shall find a better way. This is where our sinful condition makes us succumb to snares,and we find ourselves at a dead end, depressed. discouraged, fettered, imprisoned in our bad habits, with a franticdesire for independence, an inordinate pride, with jealousy, hatred, bitterness, suicidal tendencies, a spiritof lust, or a spirit of idolatry leading us to consult seers, clairvoyants, magicians, workers of spells, etc.,which is in contradiction to the word of God in Deuteronomy (18:10-12).The more we turn away from God and are far from the source of Life, the more our spiritual being is sick and fragile,and this will affect both the psychological and the physical parts of our being. But if we leave ourselves in God'shands, he offers us a way of healing, of purification, of sanctification, in order to become more and more likeHim (Genesis 1:26- "Let us make man in our own image and likeness"). But in order to pass from the image to the likeness we need to let ourselves be moulded duringthe whole of our life on earth, as Jeremiah says so well in chapter 18:2-6.My experience as a christian psychiatrist has made me aware of these three dimensions of the human being and notonly of the psychological dimension, which by itself is too narrow. Moreover it is important to ask everyone whocomes for help about their physical health to detect any cause or causes of his or her present illness or unhappiness.Are the symptoms of physical origin? Are they of psychological origin? Are they of spiritual origin? We need toknow this in order to suggest the best treatment to cure the illness Let us take an example: a forty year old womanhas presented a depressive syndrome for several months:1. On the physical level I shall look at the factors which could be the cause of a depression. If this woman hasheavy periods with a beginning o fibroids, she may be losing a lot of blood each month and be deficient in iron.This lack of iron cause tiredness, which will get worse each month, causing anaemia with severe asthenia (debility),which could be the cause of a depressive state. This will be treated with a regular dose of iron, an examinationof her fibroids and the support of people coming to assist her in her work, in view of her tiredness - this canbe a great help for her. A prayer for healing can also help 1 her, on condition that she continues her medicaltreatment. Moreover, this iron deficiency, giving rise to a psychological depression, also has spiritual consequences.The depression can bring on a' weakening in the spiritual struggle, so that the devil takes advantage of our weaknessin order to tempt us. This is true also on the psychological level, where we have less strength to fight againstour impulses. Hence the importance in this case of support on the medical, psychological, and spiritual levels.2. On the psychological level I shall look at the different events which have marked the life of this woman - forexample, if she tells me that a few months I ago she lost someone dear to her. In this case there is a depressivestate consequent upon a bereavement.It is therefore important to help her by proposing a therapy which will enable her to mourn this person dear toher. Here again, a friendly support in a trusting. caring environment can help this person to come out of her depression.She may even be able, after some time, to help other people who are going through the same trial. If a little groupprays for her at her request, this can hasten her cure without short-circuiting the therapy she is having.3. But her depression may also be of a demonic spiritual origin. For example, she tells me in the course of theconsultation that although she is a christian she consulted a clairvoyant about her future. This clairvoyant predictedthat she would divorce when she was about forty. This prediction, although she did not entirely believe it, penetratedher mind progressively and subtly, and this woman became anxious. As she was ill at ease with herself, the depressiongradually took hold of her even without her thinking again about the clairvoyant's words. I met this particularcase quite recently, and in spite of the fact that the interview showed her the link with this clairvoyant, theperson concerned was not liberated. That was when I suggested to her a prayer for deliverance. It was the wordof authority spoken in the name of Jesus Christ which freed her from this bondage which had deprived her of herliberty. Straight away she felt better and the depression left her. It was then important to look at the causeswhich had led her to consult a clairvoyant, in order to avoid a recunence, This is only one example among manythat I have personally encountered. The experience we have in France of the formal prayer of exorcism is fairlylimited, because cases of possession are relatively rare. We had a person who had signed a pact with Satan in hisblood. This is the only case of possession that I have met of a person who had joined a satanic sect. But prayersfor deliverance are much more frequent. Most often these have involved bondage affecting people, for example youngpeople, who 'amused' themselves by making tablesturn and who as a result of this experience were disturbed and found themselves unable to work, and for whom aprayer of deliverance was necessary. In effect, when a person gives their trust even unconsciously to an evil spirit,that person is in danger, because the spiritual world is a reality (Ephesians6:12), even if most psychoanalysts today deny the reality of Satan.To conclude, I should like to say how much this collaboration with the priest-exorcist has made me grow in faithand trust in God, who has overcome the, forces of evil, and has strengthened me in the spiritual combat. I knowalmost by heart two pages of the Bible that speak of the combat to be waged against the prince of darkness: Ephesians 6 and 1 Peter 5:8-11. This experience has helped me to submit my work to the Lord every day and to pray for the patients whocome to see me. I am often surprised to see how much their difficulties or illnesses improve, even if not all getbetter.It seems important today that psychiatrists should know about demonic spiritual illnesses which have the appearanceof psychological illnesses, because the treatment of these illnesses does not improve, or very little, throughmedication or psychotherapy. It is through a prayer of deliverance in the name of Jesus, made with discernmentand fact, that such illnesses are healed. 041b061a72


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