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Peter Gavrilov
Peter Gavrilov

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The formation of the regiment following the end of the Second World War was fundamentally important to the post-war Australian Army, forming a key component of the first "permanent, professional army, available in peace and war for any task the government might direct". Prior to this time the Australian Army had been substantially a part-time militia with a permanent cadre.[37] A major influence in the raising of the regiment was Australia's desire to secure a prominent role in the occupation of Japan and the eventual peace settlement. After some delays the 65th, 66th and 67th Battalions arrived in Japan's Hiroshima Prefecture in February 1946. Subsequent employment "involved activities designed to reinforce upon the Japanese the lesson of their defeat", in addition to guard duty, patrolling and training.[38] In December 1948 the Australian component of the BCOF was reduced from a brigade to one understrength battalion, with the 1st and 2nd Battalions returning to Australia, while the 3rd Battalion remained in Japan.[39]

Dark Desire 2.rar

This deception fooled the Yuuzhan Vong, but Rar was faced with other, more personal issues. Her partisan war against the enemy was drawing her close to the dark side of the Force, and Master Skywalker, the head of the Jedi Order, felt that Rar was putting her integrity as a Jedi at risk. The Rar sisters soon suffered another loss; the New Plympto resistance became successful enough that the frustrated Yuuzhan Vong decided to raze the planet, rather than continue to attempt subjugation.[1] All life was wiped from the surface of the planet, rendering it uninhabitable and killing seven million sentients.[16] The Rar sisters were only just able to flee in time, hiding with several thousand other beings aboard a fleet of intrasystem ore miners until help arrived in the form of the Corellian cruiser Nebula Chaser, already loaded with refugees. The captain of the Nebula Chaser, Pollux, promised the Jedi sisters safe asylum. Many during the war had sought personal gain in turning wanted Jedi over to the Yuuzhan Vong, but the Rar sisters accepted the captain's offer and boarded the cruiser.[1]

Rar led the Jedi to a warren which housed Force-negating ysalamiri creatures, as well as the Jedi presences Solo had detected on the approach. Rar killed two warriors in the storming of the ysalamiri warren with her new silver-bladed lightsaber. She then watched, with fascination, as a Human woman held in bonds against the rear wall displayed her strength in the dark side of the Force, utilizing a web of Force energy to dice a Yuuzhan Vong shaper into bloody fragments. Rar freed the woman, who identified herself as Lomi Plo. When Plo sensed Alema Rar's internal turmoil and thirst for vengeance, she appealed to Rar's darker emotions; although Solo warned the Twi'lek against such uses of the Force, Rar ignored the team leader, rounding upon the young man and proclaiming that when he had witnessed what she had during the war, only then could he lecture her about the dark side. As Plo and the other Dark Jedi with her, a younger man known as Welk, pledged their allegiance and aid in destroying the voxyn, the strike team learned that a Yuuzhan Vong frigate in orbit over the worldship had deposited over a hundred warriors on the surface.[1]

Lomi Plo offered to lead the team through the voxyn training warren and the Jedi began to fracture over the best course of action. Zekk detested the idea of accepting help from dark side adherents, whereas Rar saw Plo and Welk as the best chance for survival. When two coralskipper starfighters made a run on the strike team's location, YVH 2-4S was lost, and Rar gave her breath mask to Plo in a brief gas attack deployed by one of the Yuuzhan Vong pilots. Unprotected from the gas, and pursued through a lake by a voxyn, Rar barely managed to escape the creature before being rendered unconscious by the gas. She and a similarly comatose Welk were taken to safety by Veila and Tekli while the team set up an ambush for the pursuing Yuuzhan Vong warrior contingent. The unconscious Twi'lek went hidden and unscathed as the warriors were successfully routed and ambushed.[1]

Solo's body was simple enough to recover; the Twi'lek used her longblaster to pick off Yuuzhan Vong warriors before approaching the corpse along with Jaina Solo, who called upon the dark side of the Force and used Force lightning to kill the last warrior protecting it. Shaken by Solo's anger, Rar led her companion from the chamber along with Veila, Zekk, Lowbacca and the body of the deceased Anakin. While Jacen Solo and the others hunted the voxyn queen, Rar and her companions stole a Yuuzhan Vong shuttle and attacked the frigate berthed on the worldship's surface. Despite Jaina Solo's skill, the shuttle was shot down and crash-landed not far from the frigate. Rar descended further into her hatred and anger for the Yuuzhan Vong as she fired upon the approaching Yuuzhan Vong, laughing as the longblaster's laser beams eliminated several of the aliens. Jacen Solo set off to hunt down the voxyn queen alone, while Sebatyne and the others captured the Yuuzhan Vong frigate, the Ksstarr.[1]

On arrival in the Coruscant system, the Ksstarr was thrust into the latter stages of the Battle of Coruscant. The Yuuzhan Vong had taken the New Republic capital, and Rar was quick to warn her companions not to fire upon any Yuuzhan Vong vessels, as the Ksstarr was already under fire from elements of the New Republic Defense Force. Jaina Solo, at the helm, was able to identify the frigate as an ally of the New Republic through a series of unique maneuvers which were recognized by her father, Han Solo, also present at the battle. Spared destruction, but by now heavily damaged, the Ksstarr made a hyperspace jump away from the engagement, before it was decided to travel to the Hapes Cluster for refuge. There, Tenel Ka Djo departed in one of the frigate's escape pods to pave the way, as the next in line for the Hapan throne, for the strike team's arrival. The Ksstarr was attacked by pirates, however, and Djo's escape pod was intercepted. Rar went with the others to rescue their friend. En route, the strike team felt the apparent death of Jacen Solo in the Force, compounding the grief they already suffered. Rar accompanied the grieving Jaina Solo and her fellow Jedi as they boarded the pirate starship on board which Djo was being held and help rescue the Chume'da. As it became obvious that Jaina Solo was continuing down a path to darkness, Rar began to see in the young woman a kindred spirit.[17]

Once all were assembled, Skywalker delivered an address concerning the role of the Jedi and their relationship with the Force. Rar, along with all others present, was encouraged to forestall the rise of darkness and to fight injustice, which Skywalker believed was the desire of the Force. He also urged the Order to consider the future without surrendering themselves to it totally, and to aid others on that path. Four days following the convocation, Rar left the living world, before it took the Yuuzhan Vong to the Unknown Regions.[22] The Yuuzhan Vong War left scars on both the galaxy and Alema Rar which never faded; grief over her sister's death aboard the Nebula Chaser and the other losses of the war plagued the Twi'lek, leading to a manifestation of internal darkness which failed to abate following the end of the conflict.[8]

As a nest ruled through the dark side of the Force, the Gorog saw in Alema Rar the emotions which would enable it to recruit the Jedi Knight as its agent. Lomi Plo set out to corrupt the Twi'lek, through Alema's anger and grief over Numa's death. Under the powerful influence of the hive mind, Rar was, as with her companions, unable to resist. The Twi'lek's long harboring of the raw emotions engendered by her sister's death proved the cause for her descent into the dark side of the Force, and Lomi Plo became the master of Alema Rar. To some extent, this took place without Rar's knowledge. The Twi'lek was not initially a direct, knowing agent of the Gorog nest, but was instead its tool. Rar had a compulsion to defend the Killik nests, and especially Gorog, at all costs. As time went by, however, Rar became aware of her true allegiance to the Gorog. On the front lines at Jwlio, Rar continued to fight off the Chiss alongside her companions. Defense against the Chiss was Plo's pressing objective; in the long run, however, the leader of the Gorog wished to expand the Killiks across the galaxy, subsuming all sentient life to her will as Joiners, thus achieving galactic dominance.[8]

The Taat nest, which was suffering greatly under the Chiss offensive, hosted the Jedi lavishly. Despite the regular attacks by Chiss defoliators, which were used to deliver chemical payloads to destroy vegetation on the moon, the nest was strident in its desire to provide food to its team of Jedi defenders. The Jedi increasingly shared senses and emotions as the Joining process continued; Rar, along with Solo and Zekk, felt welcomed by the Joining process and the sense of inclusion in a greater whole. The mental joining was noticeable chiefly during engagements against the Chiss, when the Jedi group came close to sharing minds entirely. One meal, Jaina Solo informed the group that another Myrkr survivor, Jacen Solo, was en route to Jwlio, having finished his five year journey of discovery. Rar, who was attracted to Jacen, was especially eager to find out when the wandering Jedi would be arriving.[8]

In truth, Lomi Plo was a Sith Master, a fact of which Rar never became aware during her training under the Human woman.[13] Plo taught the fallen Twi'lek Jedi several advanced Force techniques to enable her to become a capable agent. Rar soon learnt to develop a slippery presence in the Force, allowing her to conceal herself and remove herself from the memories of those whom she encountered.[3][5] She replaced the lightsaber she had lost to Luke Skywalker on Kr with a weapon with a dark blue blade. Her left shoulder, mangled by Skywalker's blade, gave the Twi'lek a lopsided posture, and her left arm became withered and useless. Nevertheless, Rar was resolute in her opposition to her former friends and comrades in the Jedi Order. She served only the Gorog and Lomi Plo.[5] 041b061a72


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