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Tina Jenkins
Tina Jenkins

Redline Gang Warfare 2066 PC Game Zip LINK

the graphics in this game are very good. although not as good as doom 3, the lighting effects were nice and the textures were very sharp. the game seemed to be very good at creating a realistic atmosphere. the music also fit the feel of the game, and i loved it. the sound effects were pretty good as well. i didn't have any problems with the audio as it was well integrated into the game. the gameplay in this game was very well done. it was easy to control the vehicle, and the game was very easy to get used to. the controls of the car also worked well, and were very responsive. when i was getting the hang of it, i was quite pleased with the way the game worked. the levels were all well done, and it was a pleasure to see the environment change. there was also a large variety of weapons to use, and they all worked well. most of the weapons were pretty easy to use and were fun to use. in the game there were only a few problems that were unique to this game. the first of these problems was the lack of enemies. the enemies in this game were few and far between. most of the time they were in small packs, and it was hard to differentiate between them. i also had problems with the drive through the city. i had no idea where to go, and i was very confused. i figured out eventually that i had to drive through the town, and it was then that i realized that i didn't have a map of the city. the map system worked well, and the controls of the map were easy to use. the layout of the maps were also good, and i really enjoyed driving through the city.

Redline Gang Warfare 2066 PC Game Zip

the game was fun to play. the only problem with the game was that it was hard to play. although i played through the entire game, i only got to play about half of the levels. the levels were repetitive and the game would have been better if it had more variety.


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