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안다미로 [안ː다미로]  담은 것이 그릇에 넘치도록 많이.  그릇에 한아름 담아 대접하다.  잔에 가득 채우다.         

Andamiro [anda-miro]: to overflow, to fulfill a container   


AndalMirror: 1.1


"She saw her sketches, and She saw her ideas. She wasn't her, but she could see herself from her and so as she. She has her own world that is not like hers, but the two worlds are facing each other, mirroring each other."

AndalMirror: 1

Artist tapes

40 x 30 x 8 ft

 AndalMirror is Korean artist duo, Y∞n Hong and Megan Lee, who transforms void spaces into phenomenological jungle gym with tapes, which get created and destructed instantly. Through filming and projecting videos as interventions of media, they further manipulate time and space in between two-dimension and three-dimension.  

Their first collaboration series, AndalMirror: 1, stick with using basic materials, such as artist tapes, to draw the spaces. Constructed by multifarious perspectives, their tape drawing creates both physical and optical illusions of spaces.   

AndalMirror: 1.2

Video projection, artist tapes

8 x 8 x 6 ft

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