I am an alchemist

who translates experiments on elements of matter to consciousness.

I am a healer

who stimulates via radiant communications for awakening.

I am a light

who constantly destroys, creates, and expands my very world.

I am an Artist

who paves and makes choices with love.  

Art is transpersonal, for it leads to ontological realizations of oneself and one’s complementary relationship to the rest of the universe.

There certainly exist mystical connections between the macro universe and me, the minimal existence it occupies within the universe.

Nothing is absolute except for the equal significance of the internal realm of self and the rest of Cosmos.


Thus I juxtapose my title with the universe, to entitle the role as the ultimate creator.

Y∞n1verse functions as a doorway to unforeseen perspectives

to other souls configuring 

interconnections and

possibilities between a man and the Universe.


Universe has always meant ‘altogether’ and ‘turned into one’.

We are in it, we are part of it, and we are intertwined within it.  The dualistically monistic world is

therefore created in result of comparisons, differentiation, and marginalization, leading ourselves to question:

Are our minds opened enough to let someone, some time, some phenomena, and the world permeate inside and accept them? (and vice versa)

Are we brave, strong, and benevolent enough to influence others in forthcoming paths?

I believe we are. All we need is more conscious attention  and love toward

the inner-self and the rest of Universe.